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Suit-ology 101; The "Cut"

Have you ever wondered what makes a slim cut, slim? Just what is the difference between modern and classic fits? If you like skinny jeans, does that mean you are a slim? While each brand has their own take on different fit styles, we’ll share how we define our two fits, modern and slim.

Fit types are designed for different body types. Our first post in this suit-ology series explained chest to waist ratios and how the apparel industry has standardized six and seven inch drops to fit the "average" guy.  Click on the links to learn more about the “drop” or how to find the perfect pant length.

While we don’t sell our suits as sets, a man’s drop does tell us about his build. Those with a chest to waist ratio of less than six inches have a straighter shape and more equally proportioned chest, waist and hips. Our modern jacket is less tapered in the waist and our pant accommodates a more muscular build. Men with larger legs and a butt prefer the extra room the modern pant provides. Despite the bit of extra room that our modern cut gives, it is still a slimmer cut.

The slim fit is generally designed for men with a larger drop. Somewhat of a reverse from the modern, a candidate for our slim cut tends to have more broad and/or muscular shoulders and leaner legs. If you’ve ever heard a guy describe their body as being more V shaped, this is what they are referring to. Our slim cut jackets offer more room in the shoulders and a narrow waistline. Men with a smaller waist, hips and butt tend to prefer the more tapered pant leg of the slim fit.

It’s important to understand how the brand of suiting you prefer designs and builds their various fits. There is a misconception that a modern fit is a “bigger” fit making it less desirable because everyone wants to be a slim these days. At The Groomsman Suit, our fits are designed for different body types. The worst thing you can do is force yourself into a cut that is unnatural for your shape. The best thing you can do is find a reliable brand with different cuts that sells their suits as separates. By mixing and matching the jacket and pants, you will find the perfect combo that gives you a custom fit. 

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