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Options for Groomsmaid Styling?

Hi TGS! My wedding is planned for this October 20th in Addison, Vermont.  I have selected the Brilliant Blue suiting for my five groomsmen and I am very excited about how this will look with our rustic lakeside venue! I am stumped with one thing...My sister is my best friend and I would like her to be on my side of the wedding party rather than with the bridesmaids.  She is pretty petite and I am not certain that she would be open to wearing men’s suiting.  Any suggestions?

Thank you for reaching out!  It sounds like your wedding is going to be lovely! Your timing is pretty perfect as the TGS women’s line will be launching this September.  The collection will include a Brilliant Blue suiting option and we will offer sizing perfect for a petite woman.  Keep in mind that she doesn’t have to style her suit like the gents.  She can wear high heels in the same color as the guys dress shoes and even skip the white dress shirt and tie and opt for a camisole in the same color as their shirts. 

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