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Introducing Flxcuf, a new accessory available at TGS!

We are always looking for new creative and stylish products to add to our one-stop-shop collection. Over the years, we've had countless groups outfit their guys in a dress shirt paired with a vest or suspenders. And, these guys always roll up their sleeves. We're excited to add Flxcuf to our collection as a solution to keep those sleeves in place, all night, without having to constantly push them back up your arm. To learn more about this product, we've interviewed the founder, Jay Fuller: 

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Flxcuf? 

A: The initial idea of Flxcuf came to me when I was working as a barback. My uniform was a black dress shirt and given the nature of the job, I ALWAYS rolled up my sleeves. The main issue was my sleeves never stayed up. Secondly, they looked hideous and uneven. It was a nicer place, so I strived for perfection when it came to my attire. 

I started using rubber bands to keep my sleeves up. Which worked in theory but also cut off circulation in my arm. During all of this, I saw a commercial for a Van Heusen “Flex Collar” shirt to fit a variety of neck sizes. That’s when I had my “Ah ha” moment and realized that dress shirt cuffs need a flexible (a la, Flxcuf) component for an easier sleeve roll and that holds in place. From there, it’s been a lot of trial and error in terms of design, aesthetics, and branding, but I’m excited about the trajectory of the brand.

how to roll your shirt sleeves how to roll your shirt sleeves

Q: How do you see guys using it for their wedding day and beyond? 

A: I’ve always visualized guys using Flxcuf on wedding days during the reception. Jackets come off and everyone congregates to the dance floor. From my own observation at weddings, guys are 100% rolling up their sleeves in that situation. Additionally, I can see a more casual and outdoor wedding (maybe beach) calling for Flxcuf. 

Beyond the wedding and pandemic aside, I think there’s been a huge shift in workplace attire. It’s far more casual than it’s ever been. I remember Robert from Shark Tank being all about these two guys, but passing on their tie business saying “the macro-trend is guys aren’t wearing ties”. 

Not only are guys not wearing ties, but they’re not having to tuck their shirts in as often either since brands have finally (and thankfully) acknowledged we’re not all built like oversized boxes. I think Flxcuf really plays to that because it does create a clean, single sleeve fold (that holds), contributing to the new casual look.

Q: We think Flxcuf would make a great groomsmen gift, especially for more casual and beach weddings. What other accessories do you think make great groomsmen gifts? 

I’m big fan of socks. I’ve loved the sock trend over the years of loud but subtle designs and custom options that brands are offering. 

For more products to get you styled for any occasion, check out our other accessories and reach out to us at with any style questions. 

About the Author

Jay Fuller - SuitShop

Jay Fuller is the Founder of Flxcuf and passionate about all things start-up/entrepreneurship. He’s lived in Chicago for the last 5 years, but is originally from Cincinnati.