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Destination Wedding: Groom Style

A few weeks ago we were dreaming about white winter wonderland weddings, but now we’d rather be on a white sand beach celebrating love in the sun. Thankfully, destination wedding season has arrived and if you’re not off to a someplace exotic, you will be able to live vicariously through all the photos your friends will be sharing. For those of you in the final stage of planning a tropical wedding, we have a few style ideas for your guys.

Light Suits; Fabric and Color – We love lighter colors in brighter places. Trending now are light grays, brilliant blues, and light khaki.

All fabrics are not created equal when it comes to extreme temperatures and that certainly applies to suiting for warm weddings. While 100% wool seems to be the standard fabric choice these days, there are more comfortable options. Linen is a great choice, but not terribly travel friendly as it wrinkles very easily. Cotton is cooler that wool, but a bit stiffer. In the cotton family is Chambray and in the right setting, this lightweight denim look can be fun. Surprisingly, well-balanced blend of rayon and polyester can be your best option as it is durable, soft and resilient. We know what you are thinking and yes, you heard us, polyester. It has been scorned for ages and while we’d never suggest wearing a 100% polyester suit, when blended with other fabric it is crease-resistant and extremely strong/durable, while retaining much of the comfort and softness of cotton. Rayon is a cellulosic fiber that adds the essential breath-ability to the fabric. By blending these two qualities you get a powerhouse fabric at a fraction of the price.

Exposed Ankles – With a slightly higher hem and more tapered pant leg, showing a little ankle can be your best accessory at a destination wedding. Cropped or cuffed, aim for the pant leg to end two inches above the shoe. Any higher and you’ll be wearing a capri pant which is never okay. The trick to this look is to find the right no show socks that are truly invisible. Of course, exposing a little leg is not appropriate for black tie events. In a more casual setting where your guys are wearing a lighter, brighter summer suit is can be perfect.

Vests – If you really want to keep your guys cool, forgo the jacket and opt for a vest instead. Not only do vests add a bit of color, but they are incredibly flattering. DON’T, however, go for a crazy color vest. Best to go with same fabric as your pants in the same or complementary shade.

Go Tie-less – Do you ever think ties on the beach look funny? We do. Especially if you are going to go sockless and have your guys showing a little ankle. Don’t be afraid to go all in and fully embrace a more relaxed fun style. Isn’t that what a destination wedding is supposed to be anyway? The key to going tie-less is finding a great shirt with a stiffer collar that will hold shape. Also, make sure you keep your undershirt hidden, chest hair trimmed, and don’t go more than two buttons deep. Your guys will thank you for making their look more breathable.

Now that you’ve got your style down, it’s time to pack your bags! If you don’t have an invite to tropical wedding, it’s never too late to make friends with engaged couples planning one!

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